What is Mirno's Adventures?

The producer of this story is Chiaki who is a famous TV character in Japan.She is so unique and also known as a fashion designer for kids.Mirno is the main character in this story. She is a cheerful princess of Cocotte castle. But she has independent spirit and continues challenging without giving up. She is interesting girl compared with other princesses.

Please enjoy the colors of this animation produced by Chiaki!

Chiaki's comment

I wanted to make fairy tales from long ago.
I wish you find something important through this story.


Princess Mirno of Cocotte castle has some secret no one knows. She can use magic! One beautiful sunny day, she sneaked out with her friend Rooto secretly. But she dropped her ring from the sky. The ring is so important for her that she can't go back home without it. And then...

This story is so much fun for children!
Please enjoy it with your family!